The Only Brand Kit Guide That You’ll Need for 2023!

The Only Brand Kit Guide That You’ll Need for 2023!

When you think of your brand, what images come to mind? Of course, the logo is key. But have you thought about what other things make up the visual dimension of your brand identity? These tools are known as your brand kit.

The brand kit is a package that establishes a uniform image to maintain the consistency of your brand’s look. This consistency is key in any branding process. Therefore, it is used to establish a visual identity for your brand.

In this guide, we’ll go through the Simplified process of making your own brand kit!

What is a brand kit?

A brand kit is a toolbox for your business branding. It defines how your marketing materials look across all platforms, making it easier to create new content that reflects what you stand for as a business and shows off who you are as an individual.

The four main aspects of a brand kit are logos, Fonts, Colors, and Graphics. These four aspects form a cohesive look that immediately identifies your brand across all platforms!

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Must haves for your brand kit!

When you create a brand kit, it’s important to remember that the content is designed to be used on multiple platforms. This means that your brand kit should include:

1. Brand Logo / Images