How To Edit Product Photos For Your eCommerce Website For Free

How To Edit Product Photos For Your eCommerce Website For Free

Having great photos of your product on your website and social media takes your brand to the next level. They make your brand look and feel more professional and sophisticated, which attracts potential customers. From photoshoots to editing, here is how you can up your product photography game to make your brand appealing!

Clicking photos for your brand

While you can edit product photos to make them look the way you want, making a good photo starts at the shoot. Depending on the size and needs of your brand, you can either choose to hire a professional in product photography or shoot the photos yourself.

Hiring a professional photographer

product photoshoot set-up+white background+remover

If you’re working on a big-budget product photography project, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to shoot and edit product photos. They bring a whole pool of resources, experience, and knowledge that take your photos to another level! Make sure you choose the right photographer and consider their experience and skills. Additionally, go through their portfolio to make sure they have the ability to get the kind of shots you want.

Clicking photos yourself

product photo+edit+click using phone

For smaller shoots, you can get great results if you shoot and edit product photos yourself. If you have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, you can capture professional-looking stills with great quality. Also, you can shoot and edit on a mobile device, which is convenient when you’re working away from the office. When shooting, use the manual mode on your camera or the ‘pro’ mode on your phone for best results. They let you control aspects of your photo like white balance, focus, exposure, etc.

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How do I edit product photos?