Using Typography In Your Digital Designs Re-Edits in 2023

Using Typography In Your Digital Designs Re-Edits in 2023

Digital design is a term that describes the creation of visual work for digital platforms. Digital design can contain text, graphics, and sound all at once but is most often thought of as the combination of these elements in a way that makes sense. The way it looks, feels, and works together. Digital design comprises different elements, and one of these elements is Typography.

What is Typography?

The typography in design refers to text. Text influences our lives every day, from banners to Instagram posts to chalkboards. In digital design, typography is the practice of making type more readable and visually appealing. It comes with typography principles that one should be aware of. 

Think of typography as creating and organizing letters or alphabets as if the type itself were the design in charge of successfully and clearly expressing your thoughts.  

Choosing fonts, modifying point size, line length, line spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space between letter pairs are all part of the type arrangement process (kerning). So why should we use typography in our designs? How are we going to incorporate typography principles into our designs?

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Importance of Typography in Design

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