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12 Creative Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas for 2024

The YouTube algorithm is a mystery. It’s hard to know what will take off and what won’t. Content creators have to be prepared to experiment with their content to find the right formula for YouTube success. And one of the trends right now is faceless videos, so here are some faceless YouTube channel ideas to get you started.

Faceless YouTube channels make videos where the hosts don’t show their faces on camera. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to keep their personal life private or because they have a condition that makes them self-conscious about their appearance.

If you’re thinking of starting a faceless YouTube channel, then check out this list of 12 ideas!

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12 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas You Can Do

With the rise of social media, there has been a growing trend of people wanting to create more and more content without having to sell their appearance. And faceless YouTube channels are a great way to do so.

1. Tutoring/Teaching videos

Tutoring is a simple YouTube channel idea that can be either with or without a face. But for a faceless YouTube channel, it’s better to use visual aids like infographics, charts, diagrams, or drawings to teach a concept (especially for math!).

Visual aids are useful for language teaching too (grammar). Moreover, there are a lot of areas you can do from language lessons, test prep, math computations, and science concepts. Check out these video templates from Simplified for teaching videos:

2. Gaming or Walkthrough videos

Popular with the younger audience, gaming videos are a fun faceless YouTube channel idea. You don’t need to show your face; what’s important is the gameplay itself. Gaming tutorials or streams, compilations of your best/worst plays, or walk-throughs of different missions are some of the ideas you can do for your channel.

3. Product Review or Unboxings

Product reviews and unboxing videos greatly help people decide whether a product is worth buying or not. You can review newly released gadgets (phones, laptops, PlayStations, etc.), skincare and makeup products, kid’s toys, and more.

Usually, a product review channel only has videos showing the product itself, explaining how it works and how to maximize it, and comparing it to similar products from a different brand.

You can use this colorful template from Simplified to start your product review channel.

4. Streaming Music or Lyric videos

If you have a knack for making music, upload them on YouTube! You don’t need to show your face, especially if it’s lo-fi or instrumentals. You just need to design a backdrop, add your music, and you have a video! Lyrics are a good plus too.

5. Tour or City Walkthroughs

One of the best faceless YouTube channel ideas is having a city tour or walkthrough channel. These kinds of videos show places, famous landmarks, local food, etc. You can use photos, voiceovers, and video clips of the city from museums or the city’s website.

This way, people can go to different places without leaving the comfort of their homes (making it very popular!).

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6. Informational or Motivational videos

YouTube is a fitting platform to spread information and motivate people. Talk about personal growth, give memorable quotes, and provide advice on gaining confidence; basically, there’s a whole range of possibilities in motivational videos.

Informational videos are similar to teaching but in a less formal way. These can be just text with a nice backdrop and good music.

7. True Crime/Mystery Explainers

A popular niche on YouTube is scary and true crime stories. You don’t need to have totally horrifying visuals or stories, but a little bit of scare will keep the audience interested.

Another great way to make your video better is to mix different kinds of media like animation, narration, photos, voiceovers, etc. And you can do all of these in Simplified’s free video editor equipped with templates, icons, illustrations, collaborative features, and more.

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8. Animated videos

Animated videos can be about anything and be completely faceless at the same time. This is an ideal and easy YouTube channel idea for those with skills in illustrating and animating. You can create videos on any kind of topic, but remember that having a specific niche in animations will increase your visibility on the platform.

Here’s a cute animated template from Simplified you can use.

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9. Commentaries

You don’t have to show your face when sharing your point of view on different things, making commentaries a good faceless YouTube channel idea. Like animations, a commentary can be about anything.

Some famous commentary videos on YouTube are about true crimes, television series, controversial personas, and more. You can also combine different ideas (like having an illustration along with your commentary) to make your channel shine even more.

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10. Guided Mediation

Meditations are peaceful and some people find it difficult to do alone, especially beginners. So, guided meditation videos are a good idea for a faceless YouTube channel. You would just need a backdrop (animations can be added too), calming music, and a voiceover with a soft voice/tone.

Another plus to do is some calm yoga workouts and stretching and breathing techniques. Check out this Simplified video template for yoga:

11. Cooking videos

One of the greatest things about having a cooking channel is you’d never run out of ideas. Even better, you can do this completely faceless since the focus is on your recipes. Just add a voiceover and royalty-free background music and you can absolutely pull off cooking videos for a faceless YouTube channel.

12. Arts and Crafts

Do-It-Your-Own or arts and crafts videos are extremely popular and there’s no face required. Plus, this can be about making anything, from origami to a knitted sweater, arts and crafts videos are easily popular among users.

You can also open a shop on Etsy or Shopify to sell your own crafts, then use YouTube videos to promote it even more. With Simplified, you can integrate your Shopify and directly create content, schedule posts, and edit posts.

With All These Easy YouTube Channel Ideas, How Do I Start?

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself this question before and we completely understand how overwhelming YouTube could be when you’re just starting. Don’t worry though, with Simplified, it’s simple to kickstart your YouTube career.

Use Simplified’s free video editor to edit your videos. You can start from scratch or choose from thousands of ready-made templates, then customize as much as you want by adding your own photos or from the media library. Add effects, filters, GIFs, and your own text (with the help of Simplified’s AI Copywriter).

Once you have your video, directly publish or schedule-post using the social media scheduler. Working with a team? Simplified has collaboration features where you can assign roles and edit and leave real-time comments.

You won’t have a hard time making YouTube videos with Simplified. Try it out today.

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