15 Websites With Beautifully Patterned Backgrounds

15 Websites With Beautifully Patterned Backgrounds

In a world obsessed with modern design, patterns are often overlooked as an outdated concept. However, things ranging from our home wallpaper to the clothes we wear all have patterned themes, which are pretty hard to miss.

So why should web design stay behind? Positive, bright, and most importantly, effective- with a simple play of arrangements and colors can bring out the magic on your website!

On that note, we bring to you our compilation of 15 websites with patterned backgrounds to take inspiration and design notes from.

Let’s begin!

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1. Wheelies Donuts

Wheelies example-Patterned Backgrounds

(Source: Wheelies Donuts)

What could be better than using your own product as your website background? Wheelies Donuts nails this job by opting for a minimal design made up of ring donuts placed in a simple and neatly arranged fashion. Their logo symmetry complements the patterned background with the right ratio choice to the donut size.

By not using a wide array of colors, their design is pastel and effective without being too loud. Perfect for their brand identity of a mini donut business!

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2. Limonades la beauceronne

Limonades examples-Patterned Backgrounds

(Source: Limonades la beauceronne)

Blue and white: an age-old and reliable color combination, especially if your website is for a trusted 130-year old lemonade brand!

Limonades la beauceronne takes a modern rendition of waves and blends them into their web design. Using neutral tones of light blue with a contrast of white, their pattern background itself is soothing!

3. Mariano Pascual

Mariano Pascual background example

(Source: Mariano Pascual)

Mariano Pascual, an Argentina-based visual artist, uses the genius idea to make his personal website in an old-school graphic notebook design. Not only does it perfectly represent his art style, but it gives the feel of old-school software with quirky icon choices.

A grid-patterned background and the doorway to impress web-design enthusiasts to boost art piece sales!