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Lightning Fast Design on Simplified

Lightning Fast Design on Simplified

Creating stunning and visually appealing graphics is a tough process, once which comes from years of practice. But sometimes even the most brilliant designers need smart tools to meet their deadlines! We have compiled a simple guide for you to start designing visually attractive graphics with lightning speed on Simplified.

Lightning Fast Design Made Simple on Simplified


What do you need to start creating visually appealing designs, fast?

All you need is a stable Internet connection and your laptop! You are ready to start using Simplified Lightning – read our guide below to know how you can stay on top of all your projects with Simplified.

save time with simplified


With Simplied Lightning, all your design wishes are one click away!

How Will Simplified Lightning Help Me?

  • Meet your deadlines on time, with the same visual appeal!
  • Easily design minimal shapes and text without always dragging your cursor to the left sidebar.
  • Every element you need in your design, in one drop down menu.

Bonus: Designing Content For Social Media In 3 Simple Steps!

How Do I Start Using Simplified Lightning?

Step 1: Hold down the “Command ⌘” and “K” buttons on your keyboard.

command + k

Step 2: Choose the elements you want to start designing with from the drop down menu.

chose elements

TIP: If you already know which element you want to start with, type it into the search bar to begin!

design with your teammates

TIP: Share the link to your design with your teammates so that they can pitch in and review your design.

Create Designs Using Simplified Lightning

Whether you want to start designing a social media post or a ad campaign, Simplified Lightning is the way to go! Find inspiration, choose templates, edit text – all on one platform!

Bonus: Social Media Accounts to Follow Today For Some Design Inspo

To get you started, let’s design a feed ad together!

Step 1: Hold down ⌘K and choose “Background Image” from the drop down menu.


Step 2: Browse some cool photographs (or upload your own!) and select one for you artboard.

TIP: Type in keywords if you want a particular background image, for example – nature, trees, green.

 background image

Step 3: Add some text! Choose whether you want “Heading Text” or “Normal Text” for your design.


There you go! Your minimal social media ad is ready to save and share!

go green

TIP: Your design can be resized to fit any other platform’s dimensions even after you choose a preset!

Other Useful Keyboard Shortcuts on Simplified

Now that you know that Simplified Lightning is ⌘K, what other keyboard shortcuts are helpful when you’re designing on Simplified?

Accessing Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1: On the left sidebar of your artboard, scroll all the way to the bottom till you find “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

design on simplified

Step 2: The right sidebar will show you all of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use while designing!

TIP: Use ⌘Z to undo and ⌘Y to redo! These shortcuts will save you time and errors!

design on simplified

Bonus: How Previewing Projects Improves Your Design

Watch this short video by Simplified and harness the power of lightning fast design!

What’s the hold up? The design of your dreams is waiting for you on Simplified!

Limited Spots Left! Claim Your Free Access to Our Graphic Design Tool Today!

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