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Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Layers are used in digital designing and editing to separate different elements of an image. They can be compared to a transparency on which images, texts and patterns are applied and placed over or under an image. In design, art layers form a basic yet integral feature. The concept of layering on an artboard is not complex. In fact, you’ll find it Simplified to a great extent on our platform.

Just as layers, we’ll take you through the basics of layering, all the way to the top.

What Are Layers?

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

There isn’t a perfect definition for a layer, but the word speaks for itself. Layers can be described as a level on which you can place an image or graphic. They are stacks of different levels for the placement of elements to put together a digital creative.

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Why Are Art Layers Used In Design?

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Odds are, when you think about layering, it’s most likely in relation to clothing. In fashion, designers use layering to make an outfit more dynamic.

Design works in much the same way. Take a second to consider all of the separate elements that go into pulling a poster together. While each of these things on the artboard plays its own role, your design only comes into being once they all work together.

Take the design template below, for instance. Most of the design elements feel individual and eclectic, yet there are a few unifying features.

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Hence layering artwork is the act of building a design from the ground up. They allow you to modify your image, add text, change colors and put two pictures on the same page without modifying your original base. It’s about taking each of those individual design elements and pulling them together to form a cohesive look.

Which Design Elements Can Be Layered?

Once you know what layering is, the next step is knowing how to make it happen. In order to start layering artwork effectively, you need to be aware of each component in a design.

Here’s a breakdown of the elements to keep in mind:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Patterns
  • Visuals
  • Callouts
  • StickersOrdering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Consider each of these categories its own separate layer on the artboard. Each is an important part of a successful design and should be taken into account as you put your creative together. Focus on building the design by adding, one layer at a time.

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Getting Started With Simplified

Now that we’ve learnt the importance of art layers for design workflow, let’s put our knowledge into practice.

  • After you sign in on our website, you can choose if you want to start from scratch or rework a template.
  • Next, choose the dimensions of your artboard from the wide range of presets available.

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard

Explore the tools on the side panel so you can utilize the best resources available.

Ordering Layers On Your Artboard Made Easy

Step 1: Choose a background color

Creating layers on your artboard based on your brand’s color theme, personalizes the design and takes it from utilitarian to engaging.

Step 2: Click on ‘Text’ to add a heading & body text

Step 3: Use a defining Shape. You’ll find this under ‘Components’

Stick to one shape, a circle that acts as a contrast in the back of an image or a rectangle that highlights ‘Call to Action’ button.