Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives To Level Up Your Presentations

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Have a job that requires you to create a lot of PowerPoint presentations? Well, we know it gets tough. If you find it annoying to create presentations from scratch on PowerPoint or are looking for alternatives that offer better features, you’ve come to the right place. 

With several AI Presentation Makers in the market, making presentations has become 10X easier. We have researched several PowerPoint Alternatives and curated a list of the top 10 PowerPoint alternatives to help level up your presentations and impress your clients and bosses. 

Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives You Must Check-Out 

To help you make a decision on the best PowerPoint Alternative, we have highlighted each platform’s main features and benefits.

Here’s our take on the best 10 PowerPoint Alternatives: 

1. Simplified 

simplified ai presentation maker
Source: Simplified

If you are looking for an easy-to-use PowerPoint Alternative that will mint your PPTs in minutes, look no further, Simplified is your knight in shining armor. 

This AI Presentation maker is versatile and effective and creates PPTs by simply describing the topic. So you no longer need to waste time and effort creating slides and developing content manually. Making PPTs is literally – Simplified. 

Main Features: 

  • Thousands of templates to explore as per industries
  • Customize fonts, colors, and themes for the entire PPT
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time 
  • Cool animations and transitions for making dynamic PPTs 
  • Add elements, images, and graphics to make visually aesthetic PPTs
  • Has an integrated AI content writer to make your slide content 
  • Edit from any device 
  • Make PPTs as per brand kits and your preferences 

Price: FREE 

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2. Google Slides

google slides
Source: Google Workspace

If you have a Google account, you get Google Slides for free, available any time, anywhere once you’ve logged in. 

Similar to PowerPoint, Google Slides is easy-to-use and has lots of templates and themes you can explore. 

Main Features

  • Collaborate with team members in real-time 
  • Set colors and themes for the entire presentation
  • Automatically saves work on your Google account 
  • Lets you export presentations as PPT files 
  • Lots of templates and themes to explore 
  • Offers all features as PowerPoint 

Price: Free with a Google account.

3. Keynote

Keynote is available only for iOS users and is one of the most sophisticated and cool presentation makers. 

Super easy to use with cinematic transitions, you can store your PPTs in your cloud storage and work on them via any Apple device and even create designs on it with your iPad. 

Main Features

  • Save Keynote PPTs as PowerPoint files 
  • Helps make animated and interactive charts
  • Explore different cinematic transitions 
  • Edit PPTs from any Apple Device 
  • Collaborate with team members who also are iOS users 
  • Access to templates and designs
  • Import PowerPoint files and edit them
  • Create designs with Apple Pencil.

Price: Free for iOS users 

4. Canva

Source: Canva

If you are looking for a PowerPoint alternative that comes with pre-made templates, Canva is your go-to alternative. It has thousands of ready-to-use templates. All you have to do is pick and choose slides and switch the content as per your needs. 

You can also get animated PPTs with Canva Work Plan. 

Main Features

  • Plethora of templates to explore 
  • A large number of images, GIFs, and vectors to add 
  • Download as PowerPoint files or other formats 
  • Lets you change colors, themes, etc in a few clicks 

Price: Canva Pro costs $12.99/month 

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5. Prezi

Source: Prezi

If you are looking to create dynamic presentations that engage with your audience, Prezi is a great alternative to PowerPoint. 

Super easy to use, this PPT maker is popular amongst teachers and students due to its easy user experience. 

Main Features

  • Stores all PPTs in the cloud 
  • Collaborate with team-members 
  • Edit PPTs and view them from any device
  • Store all your presentations in the cloud
  • Has a high-tech image editing tool

Price: Free plan has limited features. Paid plans start at $144/year 


beautiful ai

This AI-powered presentation maker will reduce your PPT-making efforts to the bare minimum. Without much effort, you can create stunning PPTs in minutes, however, it has limited features. 

Main Features

  • AI-powered system.
  • Customizable slides 
  • Pick colors and themes for the entire presentation
  • Password protect presentations 
  • Collaborate with team members 
  • Export to PDF or PowerPoint

Price: Plans start at $144/year or $45 for a single project.

7. Slides

Source: Slides

Easy-to-use alternative to PowerPoints, Slides is a cloud-based presentation software. It allows you to add background images and explore themes and designs and also lets you customize its default templates. 

Coolest part? You can take someone else’s PPT and use it as a template! 

Main Features

  • Can be used offline 
  • Edit presentations from any device
  • Access to analytics and revision history
  • Create your own themes with the CSS editor
  • Access to Giphy and Unsplash
  • Collaborate with teams in real-time 

Price: Starts at $60/year for each user. 

8. Microsoft Sway

microsoft sway
Source: Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is literally made by the same company as PowerPoint, yet still is completely different. A cloud-based software, you can access it through any Microsoft account.

It’s truly a great alternative to PowerPoint. 

Main Features

  • Makes PPTs in multiple languages 
  • Has a cool function called Remix which changes everything randomly 
  • You can customize the entire presentation, including fonts and colors
  • Several thousand images to choose from 
  • Customize the speed of animations and transitions 

Price: Free with a Microsoft Account.

9. Slidebean

Source: Slidebean

Don’t want to sit and make your own slides? Well, Slidebean has got your back.

This PowerPoint alternative has ready-to-use templates inspired by pitch decks of big companies and start-ups. All you have to do is add in your content. 

Main Features

  • Ready-to-use content templates
  • Access to Unsplash and Giphy and flat icons
  • Collaborate with team members 
  • Has curated color palettes.

Price: Has a free plan. But you can get access to more features at $228/year.

10. Zoho Show

Zoho is an online workspace platform, and Zoho Show is their version of a PPT maker.

You can make your presentations online and access them from any device while collaborating with multiple people. 

Main Features

  • Cool animations and transitions
  • Embed Tweets and YouTube videos
  • Directly publish PPTs to websites 
  • Import multiple file types
  • Collaborate with team members online 
  • Broadcast on any device 

Price: $2.50/month, billed annually for each user. 

Now that you know the top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives, it’s time to choose the one that’s best for you. If you are asking for our best pick, well, it is Simplified for the win! 

Nail PowerPoint Presentations With Simplified’s AI PPT Maker 

simplified ai presentation maker
Source: Simplified

If you wish to impress your clients and bosses with super aesthetic and dynamic PPTs, Simplified’s AI PPT maker will help you create the presentation of your dreams in literally minutes. 

Create, edit, and customize your presentation the way you want and beautify it with GIFs, images, videos, transitions, and more! 

Save time and effort with Simplified and make your audience engrossed in every slide for FREE today. 

Try Simplified’s AI Presentation Maker Today! 

Get Started For Free
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