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How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram [2024]

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Having an Instagram Business account opens the door to discovery and the social analytics available on the platform. It’s a great way to make new connections and grow your brand.

But, some hesitate to switch to a business account because they don’t know if they can switch back if they need to. But is there a way to go back to a personal or creator account? And if so, how do you do it?

The good news is there is a way back, and today, we’ll show you how to turn off an Instagram Business account.

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What is an Instagram Business Account?

instagram business account

An Instagram Business account allows brands to connect with users who might be interested in what they have to say. It makes it easier for people to reach out to you. 

It would also allow you to sell directly through the platform. And the best part is that you get real-time insights, allowing you to analyze what types of posts connect with your audience so you can better plan your social media calendar.

You also get access to interactive stickers, which help drive interactions on the platform. 

Instagram Business Account vs Personal Account

With an Instagram Business account, you can create posts, Reels, and Stories just like you do on a personal account. But, you’ll notice new access to features that weren’t there before. For example, you’ll see if specific hashtags bring in any traffic or not. There’s also an area where you’ll see demographics on who’s engaging with your content. 

Another feature of business accounts is adding contact information to your profile. Having your phone number and email address available encourages potential customers to get in touch. You can even quickly reply to direct messages, which is handy for busy entrepreneurs. And as mentioned earlier, you can set up a shop on Instagram.

More importantly, a business account enables you to advertise your business to people who don’t follow you.

Instagram Business Account vs Creator Account

Again, there’s not much difference between a business and a creator account regarding which types of posts you can make. In that regard, the process is the same. The differences are in the type of features you access. 

While creator accounts don’t offer as many features as business accounts, personal accounts offer the least. 

Instagram Business Account Features: 

  • Category labels: Introduce your business using a label under your name. It helps people quickly understand what you do.
  • Call to Action options: Make it easier for your audience to reach out with buttons for email and website access.
  • Sell through posts: Make shopping easy by linking your online store to Instagram. This way, your followers can buy from your posts.
  • Integrate: Save time by connecting with other tools that can automatically post on Instagram for you.
  • Insights: Learn more about your audience – who they are, their active times, and other handy information.
  • Turn posts into ads: Capture more attention by changing your Instagram posts into ads.
  • Targeting: Find the influencers to amplify your business and the audience members who’ll love your content.

Here are the features of an Instagram Creator account:

  • Creator Studio: Use this tool to see all your stats in one easy-to-find place.
  • Track: Keep track of how many people start or stop following you each day. It can help you see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Sorted Inbox: Sort your messages into categories (primary, General, and Requests) boxes to keep them tidy.
  • Category labels: Use a label below your name to let visitors know your specialty
  • Insights: Get information about who’s following you, the best times to post, and more.
  • Call to Action: add a contact button to your profile

So, if you want to sell goods on social media, use a business account. If you don’t yet have anything to sell but are trying to grow your audience, a creator account makes more sense.

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Why Turn Off Your Instagram Business Account?

If Instagram Business is everything it’s hyped up to be, why would anyone want to turn it off?

Well, there are several reasons why someone would want to switch to another type of account. Below are just a couple of them:

  • You want to try another marketing strategy.
  • You figured out that what you wanted was a creator account.
  • You want to put your business on hiatus.
  • You have another account with a different Instagram username that you’d like to use and keep the old one for yourself.
  • You don’t want to manage an Instagram Business account.

Whatever your reasons are, what’s important is that you can switch it off if you want to!

How to Turn Off an Instagram Business Account

Below are the steps you need to take to switch off your business account. Just keep in mind that doing so will erase all your insight data.

How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram on iPhone

Here’s how you turn off your business account if you’re on an iPhone.

  1. Log in to your Instagram profile.
instagram login

  1. Tap the three horizontal line menu located in the upper-right corner and then Settings & Privacy.
instagram app privacy

  1. Scroll down to the “professional” heading and then click “Account types and tools.” Then, tap “Switch to personal account.”
switch to personal account instagram

How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram on Android

The process is very similar for Android users. You…

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu located in the upper-right corner.
turn off business account on instagram on android

  1. Tap Settings and Privacy.
turn off business account on instagram on android

  1. Tap Business and Ad Tools.
turn off business account on instagram on android

  1. Tap Switch Account Type.
turn off business account on instagram on android

  1. Tap Switch to Personal Account or Switch to Creator Account.
turn off business account on instagram on android

  1. Confirm your selection.
turn off business account on instagram on android

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How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram on a Computer

The process is slightly different if you use a desktop or laptop to access your Instagram account.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click Options. It’s right beside Ad Tools.
turn off business account on instagram on a computer

  1. Click Professional Account.
turn off business account on instagram on a computer

  1. Scroll down to the very end. You should find the Switch to Creator Account option. Click it to switch out of the business account.
turn off business account on instagram on a computer

What to Know Before Turning Off Your Instagram Business Account

Sometimes, you just want to walk away from posting Threads, planning your IG feed, writing captions, and engaging followers. That’s why it’s so tempting to switch off a business account! 

But you should know that doing so will impact your Instagram posting strategy. You’re going to lose access to a lot of features and data.

Here’s what you’ll lose if you switch to a personal account.

You’ll Lose Analytics Access

The one thing that you don’t want to lose access to is your Instagram analytics. It’s such a valuable source of information. It’d be a shame to lose all of that, especially if you’re still unsure whether you’re leaving the profile for good or if it’s only temporary.

If you’re only trying to turn off your business account because you’re unable to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, better solutions are available. 

In this case, try using a social media scheduler like Simplified. It’s a tool that lets you handle all your social profiles from one place—no need to switch between platforms. Everything’s there. You can schedule posts, use AI to generate content and respond to all your DMs and comments.

Promotions Aren’t Possible

Another downside would be losing access to promotions. Advertising on Instagram is still an effective way to draw attention to a brand. It’s a visual platform, so people naturally gravitate toward creative ads.

Instagram has also done a fantastic job of including ads in its feeds. If you’re considering running promotions on the platform, maybe hold off on switching to another account type.

Don’t forget that you won’t be able to run ads on a personal account. You might end up regretting your decision to turn off your business account later on.

No More Instagram Business Features

You’re not just losing access to analytics and advertising. Switching to a personal account will remove all the features that make Instagram Business great.

Your Instagram Business profile? That’s gone. If you have created a call-to-action button, say goodbye to it.

And if you’re making money by selling products on the platform? That would be such a waste since you’ll no longer be able to continue doing that if you’re on a creator or personal account. You’re basically going to lose a digital storefront.

Those who like boosting their posts to get more engagement with the IG community will miss that feature once it’s gone. Growing sales can also be more challenging. 

Most of all, you might end up upsetting your followers. Some of them might like shopping through Instagram. Some people appreciate seeing product tags on posts because they can discover things they might need.

If you collaborated with influencers in the past, they’d be surprised if they don’t see your account on Instagram anymore. That might lead to them no longer recommending your business to their followers. That would be a shame.

So, really think about whether you want to remove your Instagram Business profile or not.

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Simplify Your Instagram Account

Turning off your Instagram Business account by switching to a personal or creator account isn’t hard. All it would take is a couple of taps, and you’re done.

But you should think about everything you’re going to lose when you do make the switch. Only move forward if you’re convinced that there’s no other option.

Of course, if you’re doing this just because you don’t have the time to manage all your social media accounts, Simplified can help with that. 

Simplified is the one app to create, collaborate, and scale your marketing. You can design, write marketing copy, create videos, collaborate, and publish to socials—all in the same place! Simplified is built for speed and simplicity and has helped over 5,000,000 creators, marketers, and businesses to scale their marketing, streamline their workflows, and get work done in a few clicks.

Simplified Features: 

  • Bulk Scheduling: Use a highly efficient and user-friendly interface for scheduling a large number of social media posts at once 
  • External Client Approval: By using the Content Calendar Approval Flow, clients can sign off on designs seamlessly. This feature enables you to seek approval for social media posts from clients or stakeholders who are external to the organization or team. 
  • Social Inbox Management: You can quickly review comments, mentions, tags, and other interactions from one consolidated stream, and easily respond by clicking any notification to expand the conversation
  • Multiple Social Media Networks Integrations: Integrates Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google accounts, and more into the Simplified Social Media Management Tool
  • Design Posts and Generate AI Copywriting Captions: Access premium visual elements, import your own projects and let the AI Writer generate SEO-driven hashtags, quotes, and descriptions. Save and reuse relevant hashtags using Snippets
  • Real-Time Collaboration with Teams: Collaborate with teams seamlessly in real-time. Tag, comment, and assign tasks to team members for a smooth workflow. Utilize collaborative features to edit posts together, finalizing designs and written content effortlessly. Start, finish, and schedule social media designs with ease through team collaboration

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