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How to Make a Community Post on YouTube: Everything You Need to Know

YouTube is a huge platform to promote brands, make an announcement, or even jumpstart a career. It’s important to capture the right audience and keep their attention with your content. One surefire way to do this is to create a connection with your viewers and build a community. Here’s where YouTube Community Posts come in!

This is your ultimate guide on everything about YouTube Community posts, from the Community tab, how to enable it, how to post one, and even some tips! Read on to find out more and make your YouTube channel shine.

YouTube Community Post: The Ultimate Guide

Since you’re continually making your brand or yourself known, it’s time to explore the YouTube community even more.

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What is a YouTube Community Post?

In a nutshell, YouTube Community Posts can be polls, images, videos, GIFs, and text-based posts found on the YouTube Community Tab. It’s a way for creators to engage with their viewers and post different types of content for their channel. It’s a stream of updates where creators post and fans can comment, like or dislike, and share posts.

However, only channels with over 500 subscribers have access to the YouTube Community Tab. Don’t worry though! We’ll give you a few tips on how you can make content and grow your YouTube subscribers.

Types of YouTube Community Posts

  • Polls: You can post a poll to find out what your viewers want more from your channel, or maybe get feedback from your past videos. Using a poll on a YouTube Community Post can help improve your content and make your channel better.
  • Rich Media: These include photos, videos, and GIFs that will encourage viewers to interact with your content. You can post a behind-the-scenes shot or GIF of your next video to give your fans a sneak peek!
  • Text-based Posts: You can create a YouTube Community Post with just a short description, a quick update of what’s going on with you, or an announcement.

How to Make a YouTube Community Post:

Once you have a Community tab, you can start to post and engage with fans more. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to YouTube.
  2. Go to your YouTube channel and find the tab named, “Community”
  3. Create your post by adding a poll, image, GIF, or video and your caption. You also have the option to mention any user by writing the ‘@’ symbol and following with the channel’s name.
  4. To publish, just click on “Post.” You can also schedule your YouTube Community Post to be posted at a later time or date.

Once published, the post will appear in your subscribers’ feed. They can also get a notification every time you post by clicking the notification bell right next to the subscribe button on your profile.

Extra Tips for Using the YouTube Community Tab

  • Pin a Comment. When someone comments on your post and you really like it, you can pin it to the top. This way, the comment will be the first thing that viewers will see when they look at the post.
  • Share Posts for ‘Members Only.’ You have the option to offer Channel Memberships, where viewers pay monthly for exclusive access to badges, custom emojis, and other perks. You can share ‘members only’ posts on the Community Tab for higher engagement.
  • Give a Shout Out Using a “@mention” Build a relationship with your fans or another creator by mentioning them on your videos or YouTube Community Posts. Channels can give a shout-out to a fan at the end of their videos to increase engagement.
  • Use YouTube Analytics. Analyze the performance of your posts by going to YouTube Analytics and clicking ‘Engagement’. You will see the impressions and likes of your past posts and figure out how you can improve on your next YouTube Community Posts.

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Time to Start Creating!

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A YouTube Community Post is a great way to talk with your audience, build a relationship, and find out how you can make your channel better. More than that, by regularly posting content, you can build your YouTube community quicker! This will also increase subscriptions, boost watch time, and generate more clicks for your website.

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