How To Make Transparent Logos With Simplified’s Free Background Remover

How To Make Transparent Logos With Simplified’s Free Background Remover

A set of concepts serve as the building blocks of creative design. One of those is the role of “transparency” in design transformation and successful branding. Transparent logos are being used increasingly and it helps businesses stand out from the crowd. In this blog, you’ll learn how to remove background from logo and add a professional touch to your photos with just a click. Let’s dive right in!

A brand’s most powerful symbol is its Brand Logo. This is why your logo must represent your brand values to your target audience. Although a logo may seem to be simple, there’s a lot that goes into making a great one. As a result, it takes a great deal of creativity, research, and knowledge.

simplified design
Designed using Simplified.

In technical terms, a transparent logo is one that is saved as a PNG or vector file. They’re simple to identify because the image’s background isn’t visible, unlike other formats like JPEG. As a result, you need to make your background transparent to design various aspects of your brand.

The transparent logo’s purpose is to make your design pop out on any surface. Those business cards you were planning to distribute during the conference? You can design such cards and sync them with brand colors without worrying about how to merge the background shade.

Don’t worry; we’ll show you exactly how to remove the background from a logo!

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Why Use A Transparent Logo?

Designers often use transparency to generate a sense of depth in their graphic. When it comes to logo designing, you can make your background transparent in order to give a consistent crisp look. You can also incorporate physical transparency into layers of line, shape, illustration, texture, and hue to produce a strong visual impact.

mastercard logo
Mastercard: A great example of transparent logo design. via

For example, in the above logo- you can immediately recognize the Mastercard brand, even without it being mentioned anywhere. Transparency along with simplicity has played a major role in their brand identity- here’s how;

Due to the change in opacity level – the interlocking red and yellow circles form orange and, thereby, also a lasting impression on its consumers.

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Benefits Of Playing With Transparency

1. Establishing Brand Identity

When you choose to put a transparent version of your logo on top of a picture or a colorful backdrop, you won’t have to worry about the background clashing or competing with its surrounds. As a result, a transparent logo is quite useful in establishing a brand identity across both online and offline assets!

new year new look fashion
Designed using Simplified.

2. A Sense Of Depth

Stacking items to generate depth is a simple benefit of having many levels of transparency. In an otherwise flat medium, layering multiple colors, pictures, and patterns not only provides unique visual effects, but also helps you to create a feeling of foreground and background.

good mood food
Designed using Simplified.

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3. Emphasis on Focal Point

visual focus point
Designed using Simplified.

The most obvious—and perhaps most important—reason to use transparency is t o establish a visual focal point. Create cutouts or windows for the viewer to look at/through, or use transparency to create contrast on an area of your design to call attention to it, to guide the viewer’s eye. It’s like putting a giant pointing arrow that screams, “Look at me!” “I’m significant.”

All visuals above are designed using Simplified’s free background remover. The best part is that the background remover is free!

How To Make Your Background Transparent

Thanks to Simplified Background Remover, you can explore user-friendly designing tools even if you don’t have prior experience in design! To start your journey to a striking design, sign in to your profile on our website.

coffee template
Before using background remover.
Coffee day logo
Before using background remover.

To make your background transparent, simply press a Remove Background and get a clean, professional image. Choose from millions of different backgrounds, design elements, and stock photos to drop into your design for free. Ta-da! A whole new image in seconds.

Checkout the video below to see how to remove background from logo within a few seconds!

how to remove background

Apart from the free background remover, you’ll find all other resources you need to become a great designer on Simplified. And if you’re looking for templates, say no more! With our app, you’ll have access to an entire library of templates to help you kick-start your design project.

Remove Backgrounds & Get Transparent Logos in Seconds!

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