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The Perfect 2024 Facebook Group Cover Photo Size (FREE TEMPLATES)

Facebook groups have helped create communities of like-minded people across the globe, giving them a sense of belonging. Several brands have started creating communities to add value to their consumers.

Online communities like these help brands understand their customers, their likes and dislikes, and build loyalty and trust. You can also offer exclusive details, offers, or customer support for grievances through these groups. 

To create a Facebook group, all you need are a few details, rules for community members, a profile photo, and a cover photo. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know to create the most impressive cover photo . From the best Facebook group cover photo size to what elements you can include, we got it all covered. 

Why are Facebook Cover Photos Important? 

Though it may seem like a small space to fill, these fine details help create a better impression. It is stretched across the page and catches the eyes of anyone who scrolls or opens it. It helps set the tone and objective of the group while also building the brand’s credibility. 

A Facebook cover photo will attract audiences to your community and make them want to join. They can also be used to convey important information like new product launches and new sessions. 

You can also convey details of the potential members that might be interested in since the group is closed unless entry is granted. Want to know how you can leverage them ? Let’s begin with the perfect Facebook group cover photo size. 

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Choosing Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

Choosing the perfect Facebook group cover photo size is imperative as a smaller size will distort the image, and a large size will crop the image. 

You need an aspect ratio of 1.91:1, which is why the perfect dimensions to work with is 1640 x 856 pixels. 

Please note that a Facebook group cover photo size is different from a Facebook business or personal profile cover size. 

Hence be very careful while designing your group cover photo to avoid skewing or cropping your beautiful image. 

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Things To Keep In Mind For Facebook Group Cover Photos

Now that you know the best Facebook group cover photo size, here are a few extra points you can note down for the best cover results ! 

1. Mobile Cropping 

In every mobile, the top and bottom of your cover photo will get cropped even if you use the correct dimensions. To avoid this, keep important details in the center and add whitespace or empty elements in the outer parts of your cover. 

2. High-Quality Designs 

Make sure that the images you use are of high resolution to avoid distortion and poor impressions. Keep the cover clean, and don’t make it very busy . Ensure your information and message are conveyed in a glance . 

But make sure the white-space compliments the design instead of making it look dull. 

3. Add Your Branding 

If you are a brand that is creating a Facebook group, then you must hint that the community is connected to your brand. Make sure the audiences know that from the cover itself by using your brand logo. You can be subtle by placing it in a corner, or you can be direct by making it big in the center.

4. Add Creative Copy 

If you are looking to build a community with potential new members, using a creative one-liner that explains the group’s objective can help add to the visual. 

How to create a Facebook group cover photo?

Here’s how you can create a cover photo on Simplified in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Go to Simplified and log in. 

Step 2: Select the Facebook Covers option. 

Step 3: You can either start creating one from scratch or choose from thousands of FREE templates provided by Simplified. 

Step 4: Once you have the template, you can edit the images and other design elements and replace them with royalty-free stocks that are available on Simplified.

Step 5: Choose from typography, font styles, background colors, and more to make your Facebook cover all the more pretty. 

Step 6: And that’s it ! Download it in high resolution with a single click. Preview before you upload, and voila !

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Design Facebook Group Covers With Simplified

Now that you know the importance of Facebook covers, their optimum sizes, and other important details, it’s time to leverage them. You can create Facebook group cover photos using any graphic designing app or software. And still if you are looking for an easy yet aesthetic solution, Simplified is the tool for you !

With thousands of FREE templates and royalty-free assets, Simplified will make creating a Facebook cover a piece of cake. Build your community on Facebook like Simplified’s community and attract new audiences with beautiful cover photos.

Revamp your Facebook covers with Simplified for FREE today!

Revamp your Facebook covers with Simplified for FREE today!So what are you waiting for ?

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