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We all come across thousands of ads every day, whether one pauses to notice them or not. These ads include print, billboards, popups, television commercials, social media sponsored posts and even the inconspicuous product placements on your profile. From a solo showrunner of an independent and small business to an employee of an in-demand name brand – we all aim for impactful marketing. And particularly by designing Facebook ads – the most widely used social media platform – you can effortlessly boost your brand awareness and reach your audience on the go!

In this blog, we’ll give you our essential Facebook ad design tips that will help your ideas stand out, make an impact, and grow your business. So let’s get creating!

Go minimalist in your brand copy

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The objective of any Facebook ad design is to convey your brand message clearly and efficiently. But with elaborate brand copy and unnecessary typography in your graphic design, your creative ideas can get lost in the information flux. Moreover, any ad copy exceeding more than 300 characters will inevitably shadow the attention your Call-to-Action needs. Try including more of your brand links in the captions, and convince people to explore your ideas by themselves!

For instance, using multiple text boxes around your key graphic elements can take up a significant portion of your Facebook ad design. Instead, get rid of the copy your design can function without, and use this negative space for a tight, minimalist aesthetic.

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Strategize color contrast when designing Facebook ads

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Gaining traffic may look like an end-goal for any ad campaign. After all, more traffic means further reach, higher numbers of engagements, and lots more shares. But the key to effectively designing Facebook ads is to ensure that your content stands out and appeals to your target audience.

Our Simplified tip? Adhere to the fundamental rules of graphic design through contrast! In fact, according to color psychology, using tones that are visually opposite to each other on the color palette can make powerful Facebook advertising design pairs.

Examples of contrast color pairs to try out:

  • Black (#000000FF) and White (#FFFFFFFF)
  • Ultra Violet (#5F4B8BFF) and Blooming Dahlia (#E69A8DFF)
  • Sailor Blue (#00203FFF) and Mint (#ADEFD1FF)
  • Gray (#606060FF) and Lime Punch (#D6ED17FF)

Include format-specific brand imagery

facebook stories-ads
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An average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month. That’s one every 2.5 days. Moreover, women click on more ads (15 per month) than men do (10).” – Hootsuite, 2020

For any industry, showcasing your authentic brand personality comes through visual representation in advertisements. Stock photography, videos, GIFs, brand illustrations, etc., are just a few examples of the wide range of options you have in designing Facebook ads. Additionally, Facebook offers various formats across its platforms customized to your brand needs:

Facebook ad image design

zestful fb ad
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Relevant and eye-catching brand imagery makes up a significant portion of high-engagement Facebook ad designs. Additionally, with your content being displayed right in your target audience’s News Feeds, you can amplify your ideas and generate brand awareness efficiently.

Some examples of places where you can display your high-quality images include:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram Stories
  • Messenger Inbox
  • Facebook search results

Furthermore, gather user analytics and audience surveys to understand where your customers usually get their daily dose of content.

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Facebook video ad design

(Source: Sprout Social)

When it comes to establishing a brand voice, there’s no better medium than videography. Also, be it a 15-second sponsored story or a full-length ad on the news feed – the way you address your audience matters. Moreover, with the ‘Swipe Up’ feature and Call-to-Action buttons (for example, ‘Shop Now‘), you can easily convert your viewers into potential customers.

Here are our top video design tips for designing Facebook ads:

  • Limit your primary text to 125 characters
  • Keep your headline under 40 characters
  • Avoid using GIFs to prevent quality-loss
  • Be mindful of aspect ratios and orientation for each format (for example, 9:16 + Vertical)
  • Use copyright-free music only to avoid infringements

Another essential point to remember while designing Facebook ads is the availability of other formats for image and video posts. These include Carousels (a slideshow of your featured images, especially products) and a Collection (consists of a cover video/image along with smaller featured graphics). So, explore your options and pick one that complements your creativity!

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Your checklist for designing effective Facebook ads

Facebook GIF

Now that you have your Facebook ad design ingredients in place, let’s quickly recap your Simplified recipe before you get started:

  1. Be crisp and concise with your brand copy
  2. Use minimal typography
  3. Strategize your design focus with contrasting color palettes
  4. Adhere to format and aspect ratio guidelines while designing Facebook ads
  5. Ensure your images are authentic to your brand personality
  6. Include powerful Call-to-Action words and brand links
  7. Explore further platforms based on your user trends
  8. And never forget… have fun when designing!

Simplified Facebook Ad Design Tip

simplied facebook ad templates
simplied facebook ad tip

Did you know Simplified offers tons of customizable templates for all your Facebook ad design needs? Create your next masterpiece from one of our template designs, or feel free to build your vision from scratch. And with the Image tool in your workspace, you can insert stunning high-quality and copyright-free images within seconds. Log in and get started now!

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