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10 Must-Have Generative Fill Tools for Stunning Graphic Designs

10 Must-Have Generative Fill Tools for Stunning Graphic Designs

Beyond mere aesthetics, graphic designs play a crucial role in ensuring your marketing efforts are successful. With the most innovative editing feature—AI generative fill—graphic designers, content creators, and advertising teams now have complete creative control over their designs.

While there are many AI graphic design tools out there, this blog focuses on the top 10 generative fill tools with endless flexibilities, ensuring that your designs look more stunning and irresistible. But before then, let’s take a look at what generative fill is, and why it is important in your graphic design journey.

What is Generative Fill?

The generative fill is an AI-powered tool for enhancing the quality of your designs. It allows you to remove existing elements you don’t want in your designs and add new ones in a snap using text prompts.

Picture this. You want a non-existing image of a car to appear on your highway picture. How would you feel if you could just type “car” in the text box, hit generate, and a car appeared on the road background picture? Amazing, right? That’s exactly what “generative fill” can do. And if you want to remove ducks from your backyard picture, the tool will do a perfect job too.

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Importance of Generative Fill

Using generative fill for creative designs comes with the following benefits, including:

  • It helps break free from creative ruts. With generative AI, you won’t run out of creative ideas anymore. You can use it to kickstart your creativity, design new concepts, and explore new possibilities.
  • Speeds up your design process. It brings your creative ideas to life in a breeze, as it requires just a simple text prompt to add new elements to an image or a background.
  • Customize and iterate. Generative fill can bring your wildest dreams into reality. Regardless of your desire, just enter a text prompt, generate your creative design, and keep customizing and iterating until you have the best results.

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Best 10 Generative Fill Tools for Stunning Graphic Designs

Here are the best generative fill tools you need for your marketing success. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Simplified


Source: Simplified

Unprofessional product shots can ruin your marketing efforts. This is where Simplified comes in, hands down the best generative fill tool currently available on the market. The AI tool can create new designs from scratch, remove objects from pictures, and add lovely imaginative elements to graphics.

Whether you need creative designs for your ads, social media platforms, website content, blogs, print media, and more, entering a text prompt and clicking “Generate” will bring your ideas to life fast.

Key Features:

  • Removes unwanted objects and adds new ones.
  • Extends photo background.
  • Produces realistic results with simple text descriptions.
  • Time-saving: automates the process of removing and filling in objects.
  • Endless possibilities: generates as many images as possible with many variations.


  • Free forever

2. Pincel AI Editor

Pincel AI Editor

Source: Pincel

Pincel AI Editor is a great option for professionals and enthusiasts looking to take their design to the next level. The online tool allows you to seamlessly fill your images with whatever comes to your mind. Simply upload your image, add a text prompt, and click Generate.

Key Features:

  • Quick and efficient editing tool.
  • User-friendly interface with an easy learning curve.
  • Online Accessibility: edit your images on the go.
  • Creates image variations.


  • Paid plans start at $15/day

3. Stable Diffusion Generative Fill

When you need a flexible, text-to-image design tool for producing aesthetic images within seconds, Stable Diffusion generative fill is the best tool for the task. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you input text prompts, choose image style, and tweak the advanced features as you want.

Key Features:

  • Generates imaginative images using text prompts.
  • Creates images in different aspect ratios for different platforms.
  • Images are generated faster.
  • Offers advanced image editing features.


  • Free
  • Paid plans start at $8.33/month



Source: DALL·E

Generating high-quality images from textual descriptions has never been easier with DALL·E. The web-based creative copilot uses an advanced AI language model to create variations of realistic images for general purposes. Just input your text description and click ‘Generate.’

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Generates highly detailed visuals with a simple text description.
  • Makes realistic edits to existing images.
  • Expands images beyond what’s in the original canvas.


  • Paid plans start at $15 for 115 credits

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5. Photoshop AI Generative Fill

Photoshop AI Generative Fill

Source: Photoshop

Whether you’re looking to make your photos look incredible, add new elements, remove awkward objects, or expand the background, Photoshop AI Generative Fill is your best bet. It generates high-quality images in the blink of an eye. Plus, you can seamlessly edit the generated content to suit your needs.

Key Features:

  • Generates new content and removes awkward objects.
  • It seemingly merges two photos.
  • Extends the original canvas and fills it with a matching background.
  • Gets the job done in less time.


  • Offers a 7-day free trial
  • Paid plans start at $21/month

6. Magic Media

Magic Media

Source: Magic

Magic Media is another powerful generative fill tool from Canva. It turns your imagination into creative images within seconds. Just input your text description and watch the AI tool transform it into a variation of images you can use in your designs.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated images can be layered with effects and filters.
  • Generates images in different styles.
  • Creates images from simple text descriptions.
  • Transforms generated images into videos.


  • Free
  • Paid plans start at $12.99/month

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7. Cavina AI Generative Fill

Cavina AI Generative Fill

Source: Cavina

When you need to remove, replace, and add objects to a photo from your Android device without knowing any popular generative fill Photoshop skills, the Cavina AI Generative Fill app is the way to go. It’s a professional editing tool that generates images pretty fast.


  • Ability to add new content to photos.
  • Removes unwanted objects from a photo.
  • Transforms human outfits, hairstyles, landscapes, and more in no time.


  • In-app purchases: $0.49 – $41.99/item

8. Visme


Source: Visme

Beyond generating images from texts, Visme allows you to erase objects or texts from a picture or replace an object with another one. The AI editing tool also unblur blurred images and replaces a background with another in a single click.

Key Features:

  • Ability to remove and replace objects in a picture.
  • Easily removes and replaces an entire or a section of a background.
  • Upscale images up to four times without the image losing quality.
  • Unblur blurred images with motion blur.


  • Free
  • Paid plans start at $12.25/month (billed annually)

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9. AISEO Art


Source: AISEO

When you need a design tool for advertisement products, AISEO Art is the right tool to choose. It generates realistic images up to 1024px x 1024px image size. It also creates variations of images and can remove unwanted objects from photos and add new elements to them.

Key Features:

  • Advanced tool for advertisement product designs.
  • Generates high-quality images.
  • Generates images in various sizes.
  • Can remove objects from any photo and also add objects to them.


  • Free trial
  • Paid plans start at $7 for 600 credits/600 images/month (billed annually)

10. Phot AI Object Replacer

Phot AI Object Replacer

Source: Phot

Phot AI is an advanced generative fill tool that lets you retouch your marketing designs by replacing unwanted elements with visually appealing ones. This convinces customers to buy your product or service. Simply mask your image, type a replacement object, and let the AI-powered tool handle the rest.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use tool with an intuitive user interface.
  • Supports image upload in JPG, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and BMP formats.
  • Features advanced inpainting capabilities to make your product photography stand out.
  • Offers API integrations with other apps.


  • Free
  • Paid plans start at $7.20/month (billed annually)

Turn Your Imagination Into Creative Designs with Simplified

Creative Designs with Simplified

Source: Simplified

Goodbye to the expensive and time-consuming manual graphic design process. Simplified generative fill tool provides you with ultrafast, stunning results in no time. Just upload your picture and get creative via the text prompts.

The AI tool revolutionizes image editing, allowing you to remove any objects with just a few clicks or replace an object in a picture with another one. Its advanced features let you fine-tune results to satisfaction without any manual effort or prior knowledge of the generative fill Photoshop application.

You can use the tool to generate variations of images and expand image borders for improved exactness. While the AI tool simplifies complex editing tasks, generated images maintain their original quality. This ensures that no part of the image is destroyed for easy reversibility.


The generative fill tools listed in this blog can take your advertising effort to the next level. Simplified, being the best overall, is a game changer for marketing teams to get high conversion rates and increase sales. Giving the Simplified AI generative fill online a try is the best decision you can make today.

Experience limitless creativity with AI Generative Fill!

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