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25 Exemplary Facebook Carousel Ads Examples To Inspire Your Marketing Strategy in 2024

25 Exemplary Facebook Carousel Ads Examples To Inspire Your Marketing Strategy in 2024

Are you tired of trying to create Facebook ads that just don’t seem to catch attention? Enter the superhero of ad formats—the carousel ad.

Instead of a single static image or video, you get a whole carousel—a collection of visuals and messages all packed into one powerful ad.

But, here’s the hitch: making a carousel ad that truly hits the mark demands skill, creativity, and a pinch of magic. That’s where this guide swoops in to save the day.

In this article, we’ve rounded up 25 stellar Facebook carousel ad examples tailored specifically for 2024, ready to spark your creativity and transform your marketing game.

So, if you’ve been scratching your head about how to nail those carousel ads, consider this your ultimate solution.

Buckle up and get ready to revamp your marketing strategy!

What Are Facebook Carousel Ads?

Source: Freepik

Facebook Carousel Ads are a type of Facebook ad format that allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad. These ads are visually engaging and interactive, and they’re proven to perform better than single-image ads.

Carousel ads enable seamless storytelling by letting users swipe through a series of visuals and messages. Each card within the carousel can feature its link, making it ideal for showcasing various products, highlighting different features, or presenting a narrative sequence.

With the ability to combine creativity and information within one scrollable ad, Carousel Ads stand out as a versatile and effective tool for marketers to engage their audience on Facebook.

Here are the design specifications for carousel ads on Facebook:

  • Minimum number of carousel cards: 2
  • Maximum number of carousel cards: 10
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 (recommended)
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels (recommended)
  • Image file format: jpg and png
  • Maximum file size for an image: 30 MB
  • Minimum image size: 600 x 600 pixels

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why should brands use Facebook Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

Here are the key points explaining why brands and businesses should consider using Facebook carousel ads:

1. Storytelling Potential

Carousel Ads allow for sequential storytelling, letting brands narrate a story or showcase a product’s features step by step, engaging users along the way.

2. Increased Engagement

Interactive and visually appealing, these ads encourage users to swipe through multiple images or videos, boosting engagement rates.

3. Showcase Product Variety

Ideal for showcasing a range of products or different aspects of a single product, providing a comprehensive view to potential customers.

4. Versatility in Content

Marketers can mix and match content types—images, videos, text—to convey a richer message and cater to diverse audience preferences.

5. Higher Conversion Rates

Studies have shown that Carousel Ads often result in higher conversion rates as they allow for more targeted and specific messaging.

6. Cost-Effective

Despite their multi-faceted nature, Carousel Ads can be cost-effective, considering the potential engagement and conversions they generate.

7. Optimized for Mobile

With the rise in mobile usage, Carousel Ads are designed to captivate mobile users, utilizing the swipe feature for a seamless experience.

8. Measurable Results

Marketers can track performance metrics for each card within the carousel, enabling better insights and optimization for future campaigns.

9. Creative Freedom

Brands can experiment with different storytelling approaches, creative elements, and calls to action within a single ad unit.

10. Enhanced Brand Recall

The engaging nature of Carousel Ads aids in brand recall as users interact with multiple elements, reinforcing the brand’s message or offerings.

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Here is a compilation of 25 exceptional carousel ads Facebook examples for your inspiration:

1. BarkBox

BarkBox’s engaging carousel ad unfolds a delightful story through a sequence of images, portraying a dog’s joyous dining experience. Each card captures the essence of a cookout, showcasing the canine reveling in the delicious dog food, creating an enticing narrative within the ad. This is one of the best storytelling Facebook carousel ad examples.

BarkBox - Facebook carousel ads

Source: Facebook

2. Nike

Nike employs a distinctive black-and-white color scheme in this carousel ad, highlighting the Tech Pack. It is one of the most visually appealing Facebook carousel ad examples. The advertisement features various athletes actively engaged in sports while wearing the latest Nike collection.

Nike - Facebook Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

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3. Shein

Shein’s Carousel ads are here to bring those cozy winter vibes! They showcase clothing sets perfect for staying snug and stylish all season long. What’s great? Each card not only shows the outfit but also has a link and pricing details for easy shopping.

Shein - Facebook carousel ads

Source: Facebook

4. Airbnb

Airbnb’s carousel ad features a series of images that showcase different parts of the beautiful eco-friendly house from various angles. Each card features high-quality images and promotes the house with a clear booking link. It is one of the simplest yet effective Facebook carousel ad examples.

Airbnb - Facebook Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

5. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s carousel ad captures the essence of a music festival, intertwining food, Coke, and heartwarming moments. Designed to resonate with youth, it portrays vibrant scenes of shared joy, promoting the beverage as an integral part of memorable experiences.

Coca-Cola - Facebook Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

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6. Adidas

Adidas introduces the latest iteration of Pharrell’s Hu NMD Animal Print. Their carousel ad showcases this distinct design, merging style, and individuality, inviting sneaker enthusiasts to explore the bold and unique Pharrell Williams collection.

Adidas - FB Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

7. Sephora

Sephora’s carousel ad stands out due to its focus on exclusivity and celebrity collaboration, leveraging Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line to introduce limited-edition shades. It effectively uses a carousel format to showcase the allure of mini versions. Marketers can learn the power of leveraging limited editions and celebrity endorsements to entice audiences.

Sephora - FB Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

8. Netflix

Netflix captivates with this carousel ad for the popular series “Money Heist.” This ad stands out for its visuals that spark nostalgia and intrigue. Marketers can learn the art of creating immersive experiences by transporting audiences through a journey reminiscent of beloved shows. It is one of the best nostalgic Facebook carousel ad examples.

Netflix - FB Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

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9. BMW

BMW uses high-quality interior visuals of the new i5 M60 xDrive, showcasing its allure and electric sophistication. This ad stands out for its focus on premium imagery, highlighting the car’s luxurious interior. Marketers can learn the significance of emphasizing quality visuals to showcase product features.

BMW -  FB Carousel Ads

Source: Facebook

10. H&M

H&M dazzles with a carousel ad showcasing their Festive Collection, inviting customers to express their unique style. This ad stands out for its vibrant visuals, capturing the essence of celebration, and teaching marketers the importance of visually engaging content aligned with seasonal themes.

H&M - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

11. IKEA

IKEA’s carousel ad spotlights #IKEALifeAtHome, urging users to share home stories, and incorporating greenery with decorative plants. It stands out for fostering user engagement and showcasing a lifestyle, teaching marketers the value of user-generated content.

IKEA - Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

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12. Uber

Uber’s carousel ad cleverly engages audiences with traffic-themed riddles, inviting participation through comment-based responses. It works by leveraging interactive content, prompting audience engagement, and teaching marketers the effectiveness of gamification and user interaction. It is one of the most interactive Facebook carousel ad examples.

Uber - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

13. OnePlus

This ad captivates by showcasing camera prowess, enticing viewers with visual excellence. It teaches marketers the power of visual storytelling to spotlight product features. You can create similar Facebook carousel ad examples using high-quality images of your products.

OnePlus - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

14. Levi’s

Levi’s carousel ad unveils the Levi’s x Crocs collaboration, fusing Japanese craftsmanship with denim artistry in a three-piece capsule. Marketers can learn the importance of merging unexpected styles to expand brand appeal and captivate diverse audiences from such Facebook carousel ads.

Levi's - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

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15. Puma

Puma’s carousel ad introduces the #FENTYXPUMA Creeper with an artistic flair. The ad’s artistic style captivates, emphasizing product uniqueness, and teaches marketers the impact of artistic visuals to elevate product storytelling.

Puma - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Puma

16. Mac Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics’ carousel ad for #MACLockedKiss 24HR Lipstick is an informative showcase of its features: kissproof, waterproof, and loaded with comfort. This ad engages by highlighting benefits concisely, offering specific details, and teaching marketers the value of clear, feature-focused content.

Mac Cosmetics -  FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

17. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret’s carousel ad visually portrays the perfume’s ingredients—pear skin, Rosa Centifolia, and sheer woods—to evoke the essence of Bare Rose Eau de Parfum. This sensory approach engages viewers, illustrating the scent’s components and teaching marketers the power of visual storytelling.

Victoria's Secret - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

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18. Canon

Canon’s carousel ad exhibits various RF lenses, each capturing distinct images on the Canon EOS R5. By showcasing diverse photographic possibilities, it engages viewers with visual variety, demonstrating lens capabilities effectively.

Canon - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Canon

19. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s carousel ad cleverly contrasts “Girl/Boy Math” with “Pizza Math,” promoting discounts. It works by using humor and relatable memes, making the discount concept engaging and memorable. You can follow similar humorous Facebook carousel ad examples for your products.

Pizza Hut - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

20. Toyota

Toyota’s carousel ad showcases the LandCruiser across diverse landscapes in Japan, the USA, and Australia. Aligning their vehicle with global exploration, illustrates versatility, creating an aspirational connection with adventure.

Toyota - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

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21. Starbucks

Starbucks’ carousel ad presents coffee-themed invites on each card, encouraging users to share them for social coffee dates. It works by fostering user engagement using shareable content to promote brand engagement and social connections. This is one of the coolest carousel ad examples Facebook showcases.

Starbucks - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

22. Chewy

Chewy’s carousel ad introduces their Holiday Goody Boxes, enticing pet owners with cute, discounted gift options. It works by offering value-driven seasonal products, leveraging the festive season, and teaching marketers the effectiveness of themed, discounted offerings.

Chewy - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

23. Guess

Guess’ carousel ad presents their timeless Denim Collection, inviting viewers to explore a range of enduring denim styles. It works by showcasing the enduring appeal of denim fashion, using a succinct link to drive traffic.

Guess - Facebook Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

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24. Marvel

Marvel’s carousel ad unites #CaptainMarvel, #Ms. Marvel, and #MonicaRambeau, teasing an action-packed adventure in #TheMarvels movie. By featuring the trio and prompting ticket purchases, it entices fans with a multi-hero narrative and effectively drives ticket sales for the upcoming film.

Marvel - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

25. Arsenal

Arsenal’s Facebook carousel ad showcases players donning their merchandise, creating a visual narrative that elevates brand association and entices fans to sport the same gear. This ad effectively leverages player influence to drive merchandise sales.

Arsenal - FB Carousel Ad

Source: Facebook

This completes our list of the best Facebook carousel ads examples in 2024. You can follow these examples to boost your advertising strategy.

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Best Practices for Using Facebook Carousel Ads

Source: Freepik

Here are some best practices for utilizing Facebook Carousel Ads effectively:

1. Tell a Story

Use the sequence of cards to narrate a cohesive story, guiding users through a compelling narrative or showcasing a product’s journey.

2. Visual Consistency

Maintain a consistent visual theme across cards to create a cohesive and visually appealing ad experience.

3. Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Include clear and compelling CTAs on each card to prompt users to take action, directing them to your website or specific product pages.

4. Mobile Optimization

Ensure visuals and text are optimized for mobile viewing since a significant portion of users access Facebook on mobile devices.

5. A/B Testing

Test different variations of your carousel ads to understand what resonates best with your audience and refine your strategy accordingly.

6. Showcase Products/Services

Utilize the carousel format to showcase a range of products, services, or different aspects of a single offering.

7. Use High-Quality Visuals

High-resolution and captivating visuals enhance the overall appeal of your ad and draw users’ attention.

8. Monitor Performance

Track metrics for each card within the carousel to understand which elements are driving engagement and optimize future campaigns based on these insights.

9. Limit Cards Wisely

While you can include up to 10 cards in a carousel ad, be mindful not to overwhelm users—aim for a balance between showcasing content and maintaining user interest.

10. Targeted Audience Segmentation

Use Facebook’s targeting options to reach specific audience segments, ensuring your carousel ad resonates with the right people.

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Facebook Carousel Ads With Simplified

Source: Simplified

Looking to replicate the magic of the Facebook carousel ad examples we’ve explored? Simplified is your shortcut to crafting similarly impressive ads in mere minutes!

Simplified is a comprehensive tool that can help you create visually stunning and effective ad campaigns. It offers a wide range of customizable templates for Facebook Carousel Ads, which you can use to create on-brand ads that are tailored to your target audience.

From seamless image and video integration to AI-guided content suggestions, Simplified ensures precision and creativity in every card of the carousel. The platform also offers a collaborative workspace that enables teams to work together on ad campaigns, streamlining the design and implementation process.

simplified - template

Source: Simplified

Overall, Simplified is a valuable resource for marketers looking to elevate their visual content and advertising strategies. Its comprehensive suite of tools and features makes it one of the best tools for marketers to successfully create and run marketing campaigns.

Here are some Facebook carousel ad templates from Simplified’s library. You can customize and use any of them to create your very own Facebook carousel ad.

Use Template
Use Template
Use Template
Use Template
Use Template
Use Template
Use Template

Here’s how Simplified can help you run successful Facebook ad campaigns:

Simplified's Social Media Planner

Source: Simplified

  • Free and customizable Facebook carousel ad templates to create ads in minutes.
  • Design and editing tools to tailor the ads.
  • AI writer to help write captivating ad copy and description.
  • AI Video editor and animator to edit and create video ads.
  • Social media management tools to plan, schedule, and publish ads on Facebook.
  • Social Media Analytics tool to check the performance of your ad campaign.
  • Custom brand kit to maintain consistency in advertising.
  • Shared workspace and collaboration for campaign management.

You will get all these features and a lot more for free with Simplified!

Get Started For Free
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